To ensure the health and safety of dogs and people, rules will need to be adhered to. We ask that you keep these rules and general park etiquette in mind when visiting the park:

  • Owners must clean up after their pets

  • No aggressive dogs allowed

  • Dogs must be vaccinated

  • Puppies under four months old prohibited

  • Spayed/neutered dogs recommended

  • Leaving dogs unattended prohibited

  • Owners must carry a leash at all times

  • Dogs in season not allowed


Parents, use caution bringing toddlers and small children into the run. Parents are discouraged from bringing children under 12 years of age. Children should at no time be allowed to run with or chase after dogs in the dog run. Any children must be closely supervised.

Remember bringing any rawhide, treats or food into the dog park may result  in dogfights. Use caution!