The dog park is for everyone! 

The dog park offers:

1. Provides a place for dog training

2. Socializes & exercises dogs in a safe place

3. Promotes responsible pet ownership

4. Enables dogs to legally run off-leash

5. Promotes public health and safety

6. Serves people of most ages and physical capabilities



1997 The FNSB plan to develop South Davis Park, 142 acres near the corner of Peger Road and the Mitchell Expressway in Fairbanks, attracted the attention of a group of local dog trainers. In about a month, almost 800 signatures were collected on a petition supporting the creation of a Dog Park.

1998 A survey was conducted to determine which groups needed space in the planned park. The Dog Park ranked Number One among user groups, both because there are a large number of potential Dog Park users, and because the Dog Park would be a year-round use facility.

1999 The South Davis Park Master Plan was approved by the FNSB Assembly.

2001 A bond proposal was brought before the voters asking for funding to build the infrastructure of South Davis Park. The measure was defeated at the polls. In December, Trina Anderson, Peggy Beagle and Janet Brown decided to organize and apply for non-profit status for the dog park.

2002 In April, state non-profit status was obtained. In July, we had our formal organizational meeting; officers were elected and by-laws approved. In August, a contract to clearcut some South Davis Park acreage was awarded; about three Dog Park acres were included.

2003 I.R.S approves our application for 501(c)(3) status! Tim Albee creates our wonderful logo! The Fairbanks Dog Park Cookbook is published! We're on our way!

2009  The first fencing was installed and a grand opening ceremony was held.

2010  Winter lighting was added.